Joni Ormsbee

Hi!  I am so glad you are here.

I love makeup and am a total glam girlie girl.  I have two beautiful boys and a wonderful husband to help raise them into Godly men.

I couldn’t believe that God gave me two boys!  However, I have loved being a makeup artist and helping women feel beautiful inside and out.  I learned how to do makeup through my in home business Mary Kay.  The emphasis of skin care helped me become confident in my skin.  I had struggled for many years with cystic acne and the skin care helped!  As I became more confident and trained in my field, I ventured out to bridal makeup artistry.

I have been doing bridal makeup for over 10 years. In the last year, I acquired a studio where I can meet with brides and have one-on-one color makeover consultations.  It is a joy to help other women have skin they love and to glam up with color.

I believe your outer beauty is a reflection of your inner beauty.  I have journeyed in my faith with God’s Word as truth to help my inner beauty.  As the years have passed, I believe a big part of why people say “You look more and more beautiful every year” is because God has done a work in my heart!  God glammed up my heart and my face reflects it.

Enriching women’s lives and helping them feel beautiful is my outlet from a house of boys and it is FUN!

I would love to help you feel more and more beautiful as we journey together.