You can have Joy IN your journey!



Do you find yourself tired and going through the motions each day?  Do you lack joy in your life?  Are you discontent with where you are in life right now?  Do you wonder if it is too late to live out your dreams?  Are you ready to make some changes in the New Year?  I know I am!

If any of those questions describe you, I can relate!  Several years ago I found myself discontent with where I was in life.   I sensed through my time with God that part of the answer involved being more thankful and concentrating on what was going right.   Over time, as I spent time every morning journaling, praying and being thankful, my attitude (and my life) changed.  Yours can too!

I would love to help you add joy to your life by walking with you and sharing what helped me.  I’ll not only provide you with the tools I used in my journaling but also include a key asset that I did not have:  accountability. Our Facebook group will supply you with support and encouragement.  I’ll also add some accountability tips so you can finish strong!!

Knowing the many demands that women face in life, I am offering two convenient options:

  • The class approach for just $47 that features:
    1. Four LIVE teachings
    2. 4 Recorded teachings to re-listen any time
    3. Facebook group accountability and encouragement
    4. My E-course workbook ($27 value)
    5. My journal template
    6. A subscription to my blog at
    7. A bonus: the introduction and first chapter of my upcoming book
  • The self-paced approach for just $27 that includes:
    1. My E-course workbook
    2. Four recorded teachings
    3. My journal template
    4. A subscription to my blog at

What to expect:

 1)  Teaching based on Biblical principles
2)  Access to Facebook group where I will be available at least morning and evenings to answer questions
3)  Accountability to the group and to yourself
4)  Community to encourage you in your journey

What will be covered:

I Thessalonians-5-16-18-web (3)

  • I am going to cover I Thessalonians 5:16-18 and supporting verses as God leads.
  • I will provide the templates and outlines that helped me become more grateful through my quiet times and journaling.

Are you ready to make a change?  Are you ready to do so in a safe environment with accountability and encouragement?  Let’s do this together!!

Joy and a grateful heart can be yours.  Give it 30 days!  If you are not completely satisfied with the teachings or the results in your own life, I will refund your payment in full.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain, including a group of like-minded women on the same quest for joy!

So act now! “Early bird” registration runs from January 5-11. Our Facebook group will start the evening of January 3 ( a little early start!)  

Who should register? – Any woman who is serious about making a change and have more joy in the day to day of life or maybe you would like to have the support of like-minded women, you will find both and more!

Register by clicking “add to cart” under the option of your choice.   I hope you will join us!!   If you prefer to send me a check versus using paypal account, please email me at

Choose an Option
$47 option

27 option

Testimony from a prior participant:

Marilyn Davis

“Joy in the Journey are four little words that encouraged me daily. I found myself repeating them several times as I was grateful for the process. I found little bursts of joy in the days that were more difficult. Joy, I found was different than Happiness. One is from God and one is from me. One can come and stay and one can come and go. Joni’s testimony of her own life helps you to stop and think about your own. How she had grown over the years, and what things became new, she documented and will share with you.  It is truly been a Joy to travel with Joni as we all travel through this journey called Life.

I hope you will join us for “Joy in the Journey” and choose an option above that best serves you at this time. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  So, if you are not satisfied with the services provided through the team, I will give you a full refund for 30 days!