Saturday morning I was up at 5:15 am, drank a cup of black coffee, and headed off to have my hair and makeup done. Here are a couple of pictures. 

makeup 1 back of hair

After hair and makeup, I headed to the competitor meeting at a nearby high school where the competition was being held. After the meeting they touched up my tan and then I got into my bikini. 

I needed rice cakes and natural peanut butter for a snack. Thankfully, I got some from a friend. Thanks Amber!

Note to self: rice cakes and peanut butter for next time! 

After I checked into the time for my line up, I learned that the next step was getting “bikini bite!” That’s right they glue down your bikini, especially the bottoms. The bikini bite helps keep your bikini in place during your routine. 

There was SO much to the process….but everyone was really helpful. I put my heels on and started to prepare. I could tell many were praying because I felt relatively calm. I listened to music and went through my routine. As the time drew near, I found an exercise band to pump up my upper body before hitting the stage. 

Francois My selfie Sat morning

The open class was large, so waiting for the masters class took longer. You are not supposed to sit down after you get “bikini bite” so my shins started cramping up from standing so long in my high heels.

Note to self: stay off your feet as long as possible. 

Then we lined up and went on stage!  I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. Many had already sent me notes of encouragement. I was very peaceful, considering I was getting ready to do something I never thought I would do – step on stage in front of hundreds of people in a small, bedazzled, yet beautiful, bikini!! 

My coach said that I could have smiled more but that I “held my own.” I realized that the reason I did not smile as much was because I was thinking about who the judges would call out next.  I realize that it was a lot for me navigate the first time through. However, I enjoyed it overall and really had fun! 

stage 2 Stage 1









Suit by Lidia Gurley

After a very early and busy morning, I rested in the afternoon. Finals started at 6 pm and everything went much faster than the morning. After the evening event finished, several of us went to celebrate at a local restaurant.  One of our gals won 5th place in Masters Figure, an exciting achievement for her first competition. 

Looking back over the journey, I realized that over the 14 weeks of training I transformed my mind as well as my body. The confidence I gained by disciplining myself to accomplish a significant goal promises to transfer to other areas of my life. That is priceless! And though I did not win a tangible trophy, I received an intangible one by honoring my mom’s legacy of competition when I stepped on stage! 

Here are some before and after comparisons:  (Jan 23 Before; May 14 After)

before and after sidebefore and after frontbefore and after back

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