My fitness journey has been more than just looking fit.  It has been a lifestyle change, not only physically but also mentally.  The biggest area for me to change the way I think was the use of my scale in my bathroom.  This affected the way I lived out my life.

I used to dread the scale when I indulged far too long in sweets and a less than tight eating plan.  I embraced the scale when I was losing weight and had a certain number in my head that I thought was where I “arrived!”  It was the number where I felt skinny and sexy.

Let’s be honest ladies, if you are like me at all, at one time in your life or maybe it is your life now, the scale alone spoke to your health and wellness.  This is not the case from a healthy, balanced fitness perspective.  I have been there.  But, now my mindset is changing.  I am not going to lie, as the number goes up, it bugs me sometimes.  I am building muscle and muscle takes up less space than fat, even though my weight is going up it is a good thing!  I am also maintaining a healthy body fat for me in the off-season (22% or less…) in order for me to enter the 2017 show season much more competitively.

My shift in thinking is more about overall health and muscle growth.  Gaining weight is a good thing.  Strong not skinny has become my mindset!  I weigh more now than I did at my first competition in May 2016 but am only about 2-3% more in body fat.  This means most of my gains are muscle!  Embrace the scale, grow your muscle weight (lean body mass), keep body fat maintained, and you will feel great!

Thoughts by Dillon Andrews (my trainer)

Growing muscle is one of the most misunderstood ways a woman can add curves to her physique. The misunderstanding is that you will get “bulky”. As you can see from Joni’s journey, her physique has only become more compact and curvier. Muscle creates curves, and that’s what you ladies love the most. In addition to getting the curves you desire, the metabolic increase from carrying more muscle and less fat is that you can eat more of the food you enjoy without gaining fat! It is not at all about moving more and eating less. It’s about moving more and eating smart, with some indulgences that get easier and easier to control.  Joni is without a doubt my most disciplined client with her food precision.


She didn’t start that way though! As I have watched her progress under my instruction, she has become more independent and has a stronger, clearer picture of exactly what food does for her. You can do what she has done.  The scale goes from being dreaded to being just what is in the first place, a tool to inform smart decisions with your food. Be your own best friend, not your worst critic! Learn from the tools around you with a big picture focus by documenting everything, not  being held in a number induced guilt.

-Dillon Andrews, Personal Trainer & Contest Prep Coach.
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